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Helping you meet your critical development goals

Kicking off a mission-critical development project? Trying to accelerate development to keep pace with a growing app backlog? We can help.

Ionic Advisory services can help get you to market faster. To free you up to focus on what matters, and help you do what you could never do before.

  • Choose the right strategy for your unique goals
  • Accelerate development and delivery by 10x or more
  • Deliver native-powered app experiences with Ionic
  • Integrate with legacy systems and third-party services
  • Manage risk and avoid technical debt over time
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Here for you at every step

Let us partner with you and your team to develop customized strategies for every phase of the development lifecycle.

  • Planning

    Strategies to help you meet your app development goals, including architectural reviews, planning and risk assessments, and development strategies.

  • Development

    A partner to your development resources that shares best practices, code samples, and assists with debugging, all to help boost your team's productivity.

  • Deployment

    Tailored recommendations and resources to meet your deployment objectives, like how to automate deployment and delivery with the Ionic App Platform.

  • Maintenance

    Active maintenance and support for everything you build with Ionic, keeping your apps running smoothly and protecting you from disruption in the face of constant change.

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What you get…

Ionic Advisory includes a broad range of solutions and services to empower your team.

  • Private Slack

    Unlock realtime access to Ionic engineers and native mobile experts via a dedicated Slack channel.

  • Live Code Analysis

    Go line-by-line with our experts as they share coding best practices and advice.

  • Custom Training

    Give your team the skills and tools they need to be successful building apps on day one.

  • Architecture Reviews

    Sit down with an Ionic Engineer and walk through all aspects of your project and current tech stack or architecture, to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.

  • Guidance & Troubleshooting

    Experiencing UX issues? Persistent defects slowing down development? Get real-time troubleshooting and advice to help keep your projects moving.

  • Integration Support

    Ensure secure and reliable connections with third-party services and legacy systems.

  • Migration Assistance

    Take advantage of all that Ionic has to offer with comprehensive migration assistance when moving between major versions of Ionic.

  • Roadmap Access & Influence

    Early access and visibility to upcoming changes in the Ionic ecosystem, to help you plan effectively.

  • Technical Debt Avoidance

    Ionic Engineers share customized strategies to help you lay the right foundation and avoid technical debt over time.

  • DevOps Best Practices

    Automate every phase of app development and delivery, with best practices to help you get the most out of Ionic’s tools and services.

  • Time-to-Market Acceleration

    Work with our experts to improve time-to-market by 10x or more. We’ll help you identify strategies for improving efficiency and speeding up development.

See what you can do with Ionic.

Whatever your development goals, we can help.

  • Application Development

    Digital transformation is driving up demand for mobile and desktop applications - five times faster than internal app dev teams can deliver.

    How Ionic can help
    • Accelerate app development with a platform that lets you write and maintain one codebase that will run on any device - across mobile and desktop.

    • Reach your app development goals with expert advisory services and powerful tools for every phase of the app lifecycle.

    • Build incredible powerful, feature-rich apps using your existing web developers, or recruit from the millions of web devs worldwide.

  • Design Systems

    More and more enterprises are recognizing the need to adopt a design system: a single library of reusable components that can be shared across a team or company.

    How Ionic solves it
    • Deliver consistent brand experiences at scale with a complete library of universal web components that work across teams and projects.

    • Create your own custom web components to match your brand and style guidelines, with all the power and must-have features you need in a component.

  • Progressive Web Apps

    By the end of 2020, 93% of enterprises will using or building Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) to expand their mobile reach beyond the app stores. Are you ready?

    How Ionic can help
    • Easily extend the native mobile and desktop apps you build with Ionic to include Progressive Web Apps - all from the same codebase

    • Build lightning-fast PWAs using our mobile-friendly UI components, which recently achieved a 100 out of 100 in Google’s Lighthouse score.

    • Work with the mobile experts on our consulting and advisory teams to build a customized PWA strategy.

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