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Alan lets you integrate a complete and highly customized voice interface into your application, without having to do any cloud or AI work.

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Why Alan?

  • Leverages your existing UI with a conversational experience, enabling multi-step user flows instead of just a single request and response
  • Alan’s Spoken Language Understanding technology is built for voice from the ground up and uses visual and dialog context to understand the user’s intent, no datasets or pre-training required
  • With fast and easy integration, Alan lets you create and deploy voice for your app in a few days

How Alan Works

Alan is designed to leverage your app’s existing experience with voice. Create your voice interface in Alan Tutor, customize the Alan voice button so it fits your UI, and integrate using the Alan SDK for Ionic. Behind the scenes, Alan automatically creates a Machine Learning model for your app and manages the cloud services required for your voice interface.

Ionic makes it easy to get Started with Alan Get started
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