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Couchbase Lite

Our Premier integration with Couchbase Lite provides everything you need to deliver secure, offline experiences and data storage to your Ionic apps.

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Why Couchbase Lite?

  • Offline-first experiences. Create mobile apps that always work and are always responsive – regardless of network connection.
  • Manage and store data locally. Provide full CRUD and query functionality on the device for managing and storing mobile data locally.
  • Lightweight. Couchbase Lite has a small footprint: 500kb on most platforms, 1MB on Java.
  • On-device security. Data is secured on the device using 256-bit AES full database encryption.

How Couchbase Lite Works

Couchbase Lite is a full-featured embedded NoSQL database that runs locally on mobile devices. Couchbase Lite offers broad support for all major platforms including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Electron, and hybrid apps like Ionic.

Ionic + Couchbase Lite

This Premier integration features a complete turnkey experience for customers on the Enterprise plan. The integration includes an API layer built and managed by the Ionic team, plus implementation services to ensure a fast, easy installation. Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration is supported on mobile iOS and Android, as well as desktop deployments using Electron. Contact us to learn more.

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