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Ionic Deploy

Ionic Deploy lets you update the UI and business logic of your Ionic apps remotely, in real-time.

  • Development
  • DevOps

Why Ionic Deploy?

  • Push HTML, JS, and CSS updates directly to your users without going through the app stores.
  • Update your application on demand
  • Avoid app store publishing for many fixes
  • Get new features and bug fixes to your users quickly
  • A/B test changes with certain users before rolling them out to everyone

How Ionic Deploy Works

Ionic Deploy makes it easy to deploy app updates in real time without going through a traditional app store submission process for the vast majority of business logic, UI, and style changes. Deploy works with the Ionic Pipeline Git Workflow to deploy new code updates in production (or testing) apps. The Live Update feature of Deploy only works on binary compatible changes (HTML, CSS, JS), meaning if you rely on native code updates you must re-submit to the app store first before using Deploy.

Ionic + Ionic Deploy

Ionic Deploy is available as part of Ionic Pipeline, a fully integrated suite of mobile DevOps tools and services designed to improve the developer experience and accelerate app delivery.

Ionic makes it easy to get Started with Ionic Deploy Get started
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