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Ionic Package

Ionic Package makes it easy to build native app binaries for iOS and Android in the cloud.

  • Development
  • DevOps

Why Ionic Package?

  • Zero platform dependencies. Publish real native apps across multiple mobile platforms all from a single codebase.
  • Focus on your app. Let Ionic manage the configuration, compilation, and packaging of your app so you don’t have to.
  • Ready for the app stores. Turn your web assets into native SDKs with everything you need to submit to the app stores or distributed in an internal MDM solution.

How Ionic Package Works

Package generates native builds of your application that are platform specific and can run on a physical device. Package builds produce apk files for Android and ipa files for iOS. The service provides a clean, consistent, cloud-based environment that helps development teams eliminate the challenges associated with local dependencies during the build process.

Ionic + Ionic Package

Ionic Package is available as part of Ionic Pipeline, a fully integrated suite of mobile DevOps tools and services designed to improve the developer experience and accelerate app delivery.

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