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Offline Storage

Offline Storage lets your users store and access data locally on a mobile or desktop device, even when they’re offline.

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Why Offline Storage?

  • Store, access, and manage data on mobile or desktop devices.
  • Quickly retrieve and update data with our performance-optimized querying engine, managed entirely with JavaScript.
  • Enable users to store and access data without a network connection.
  • Prevent data loss by securely storing data on-device, using 256- bit AES full database encryption.
  • Connect to remote Couchbase instances for simple, secure online data syncing.

How Offline Storage Works

Offline storage is powered by Couchbase Lite, a NoSQL database engine that provides simple yet powerful query, replication, and sync APIs.

Offline Storage is available as part of Ionic Enterprise. To learn more about how Offline Storage can help protect your users’ data and offer a premier offline experience, contact your account representative.

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